Key Achievements

Grow Some Food – Workshop Resources

A Grow Some Food Workshop is a fun, interactive session designed to teach beginner gardeners how to grow some food at home. With a particular focus on growing in smaller spaces, the workshop includes practical demonstrations and hands-on learning experiences for beginner gardeners. It also includes information on growing food at home, caring for plants and reducing waste.

The below resources have been developed for use by others to duplicate a similar workshop in their particular setting. The participant handouts can also be used by individuals looking for practical, easy to understand instructions for beginner home gardeners.

Download the workshop resources and handouts here:

Grow Some Food – Educator Notes
Aims for the session – Educator Notes
How to transplant Seedlings Handout
How to build an in-ground worm farm Handout
How to care for your plants Handout

Healthy Food Basket

In 2022, Healthy Food Basket data was collected locally. Here are the results. Please share these through your groups and networks to raise awareness that:

– Food is one aspect of the household budget that is increasingly becoming more expensive.

– The increasing cost of healthy foods may lead people to purchase more discretionary foods.

– There is a need to enhance the local food systems to improve availability, accessibility and affordability in order to better meet the needs of the population.

– There is a need to support alternative sources of healthy food production (e.g. farmers markets, community gardens, home gardens) to reduce food stress and create a more resilient food environment.

Download the infographics here:

Victorian Health Food Basket 2022 – Mornington Peninsula Shire
Victorian Health Food Basket 2022 – Frankston City Council

Creating our Community Aspiration

In 2019/20 The Community Plate undertook a broad community engagement process to help define and focus our priority efforts within the food system and create our Community Aspiration.

The community engagement process consisted of two phases. Phase One included face-to-face sessions with local organisations, individuals and groups. This allowed in-depth conversations about the barriers and enablers to increasing healthy diets, and offered a deep-dive approach, sharing knowledge of the food system along the way. Phase Two consisted of a two-pronged survey, which, using a snowball approach, was able to increase our reach with the resources we had available. A summary of the key findings can be seen below:

Using the information we gathered we developed our aspiration that we are all connected to food that is local, healthy and abundant. The intention is that key partners will incorporate this into their planning and operations. We will be convening a local food network in the coming months and a large Community Exchange was planned for this year but is currently on hold until we have more clarity around ongoing restrictions.

If you would like to be involved in the local food network or the Community Exchange please join our mailing list using the join us tab below and you will be kept informed as we progress.