The Local Food Map

Welcome to The Community Plate Local Food Map.

This map was created to support our community to find nourishing foods locally.
We hope you enjoy exploring the flavours of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula!

Map Legend
Farm Gate
Market - Farmer's Market, Community Market
Fruit and Vegetable Store
Butcher, Dairy and Seafood
Organic Food Store
Food Relief & Support
Food Swaps and Grow Free Share Carts
Community Garden
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Map Suggestions

Please contact us if you would like to add new, remove, or make changes to existing listings.


The Community Plate Local Food Map was updated as of April 2024. Please note it may be useful to check the information in this map with the food outlets directly, as some may have changed since it was last reviewed.


This map was created by The Community Plate with the support of Monash University Students. Thank you to all food outlets for being a part of our local food system.