Our Collective

We thank those Organisations who have been integral in the growth and development of The Community Plate

The Community Plate is lucky to have a range of partner organisations and individuals working together as a collective to support long term change for our local food system and achieve our aspiration that ‘we are all connected to food that is local, nourishing and abundant.’

To become a signatory or sponsor, click on the Join the Collective link below:

Our Signatories

By adding your name to the below register, you stand with a growing number of signatories and sponsors from local councils, organisations and individuals committed to strengthening our local food system and working towards achieving our community aspiration of a region where we are all connected to food that is local, nourishing, and abundant.

Selena Gilham

Nikki Hale

Megan Peddle

Hilary Murchison

Tanita Northcott

Sue Kleve

Maureen Griffin

Kirsty Pope

Karen Vanderkaay

Chester Draws

Tess Marchant

Josh Pereira

Chris Kirkpatrick

Louise Singleton

Thea Grenfell

Rebecca Long

Eva Nikolitsis

Courtney Zohs

Anneliese Twigg

Andie Murphy

Rosemary George