Our Community Aspiration

Our Community Aspiration

We are all connected to food that is local, nourishing and abundant.

The Community Plate has dedicated a large amount of time to ensure that our Community Aspiration genuinely represents what our region wants and needs. In depth discussions, with a wide range stakeholders and community members, were held over an 18 month period to develop this authentic, localised vision to guide all future work.

Our Community Aspiration:

We are all connected to food that is local, nourishing and abundant

What we heard:

Everyone in our community has the right to access healthy, abundant, vibrant, and nourishing food.
Our community wants to connect meaningfully with a local healthy food system unique to Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula which provides a food culture that fosters food literacy, sharing, joy and health.
Action is required to connect and empower consumers, retailers, and producers to drive change addressing barriers such as affordability, time, and access to healthy food.
It is important our local healthy food system connects our community at all levels and offers sustainability, regeneration, diversity, and resilience through climate change and crisis.

What Calls us to act:

Everyone in the Frankston City and the Mornington Peninsula has the right to enjoy fresh, local, healthy food.
The community are seeking support to grow, access, prepare and share affordable fresh healthy food.
The collective commitment and motivation to create a strong and vibrant local healthy food system which connects our community across all levels, promotes health, increases food literacy, and outshines the unhealthy food system.
The threat of climate change and future crises present significant challenges to food security and reinforces the need to build greater resilience within our local food system.

Our Theory of Change:

Our community developed this theory of change, which guides all the work we do…

Our journey so far: