Our Shared Vision

The Community Plate

Developing our Common Aspiration

We will work collaboratively across all levels of community to build a strong, vibrant and connected food system that empowers us all to make healthier food choices.

It is estimated that 59.3% of residents in the South Eastern Region of Melbourne are currently overweight or obese, and these numbers continue to rise. This growing obesity trend has costly impacts for the individual, the local economy, and our health care system.

The consumption of unhealthy food and drinks is a significant contributor to the rising number of people who are overweight and obese. We recognise that in order to address this we need to look at the big picture and work to support a strong, vibrant and connected food system that empowers us all to make healthier food choices.

Since July 2018, The Community Plate Leadership Group has been working toward developing a common aspiration to address these concerns, ensuring that ALL Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula residents have an opportunity to have their say and be involved. In 2019 we officially launched The Community Plate and undertook a broad community engagement process to help us define and focus our priority efforts within the food system.
The community engagement process consisted of two phases. Phase One included face-to-face sessions with local organisations, individuals and groups. This allowed in-depth conversations about the barriers and enablers to increasing healthy diets, and offered a deep-dive approach, sharing knowledge of the food system along the way. Phase Two consisted of a two-pronged survey, which, using a snowball approach, was able to increase our reach with the resources we had available.

Where to from here…
Using the information we have gathered we will be developing our common aspiration, this will be released around August 2020. The intention is that key partners will incorporate this into their planning and operations. We will be convening a local food network but the timing of this is yet to be determined. Similarly, a large Community Exchange planned for this year is currently on hold until we have more clarity around ongoing restrictions.